The Lexham English Bible began life as an interlinear translation, based on the Lexham interlinear Bibles.

But these are interlinear translations with a twist: rather than provide only simple context-free glosses for each word (what you would typically find in a lexicon), these Lexham interlinears also provide a context-sensitive, grammatically informed translation of each word.

The interlinears, available separately, provide two translations. First, they give a simple, context-free gloss for each word—essentially the lexical or dictionary form of a word. This gloss answers the question, “What does this word mean?”

The second gloss is the English literal translation, a contextually sensitive gloss of the inflected form of the word. This gloss answers the question, “What does this word mean here?” The difference between these two glosses is subtle, but powerful.

While many people work from the original language text to the translation in their study, several others who do not have skill in the original languages are relatively bound to the English text. Interlinears, available separately, reveal the original language behind the English translation. If you have a Logos Bible Software base package, you can start with the LEB and easily discern the underlying original language text.

The English and underlying Greek words are associated with one another. Using Logos Bible Software, it is easy to dig into lexicons, start searches, or dig even deeper using the Bible Word Study report.

A lexicon is a dictionary based on a particular body of work (a “corpus”). The pre-eminent lexicon for the New Testament is Frederick Danker’s A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (known as BDAG). For example, during the LEB’s translation process, BDAG was consulted to ensure that the nuance and force of the translation was proper and verifiable. Other lexicons, such as Louw and Nida’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament based on Semantic Domains, proved immensely helpful as well.

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